Pimp My Rims

What's it all about?

Pimp up your ride with a new set of rims every day!

With this app you can replace your car’s rims and transform your vehicle into something you’ll proudly show it off to all of your friends. Replace them with chrome rims, golden rims or even bling-bling rims. We've got it all!

"Pimp My Rims" features a cool collection of awesome rim styles, showing off your personality and impressing everyone who sees your “new” car.

The specially designed photrealistic wheels will fit on to any car, making it impossible to tell your rims were "upgraded". All you have to do is take a photo of your vehicle or load one from your phone’s library and then you can start having fun pimping your ride.

When you’re done styling and pimping up your rims, you can save the picture on your phone or send them to all your friends using Facebook and E-mail. They’ll be impressed. You can also easily post the pictures of your pimped up car on your Facebook Wall with the integrated Facebook function.

App Features
* Chrome rims
* Golden Rims
* Bling Bling Rims
* Racing numbers for the side of your car
* Text editing and custom writing on your car
* Intergrated facebook photo album upload and wall post
* Email Sharing
* Free Monthly updates with the HOTTEST Rims!

Get Pimp My Rims app now while it is 50% off and start pimpin’!

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